Enns & Surroundings

According to own statements, Enns is the oldest city of Austria. It corresponds to Lauriacum, which was appointed to being a city in the year 212 AD. This city reached its importance as a trading hub and as a base on the Limes along the Danube. Especially at the beginning of the third century it was highly relevant as military base.

The 60 meter high city tower overshoots the center of the city of Enns. The “Römer Rundweg” (roman path) starts at the foot of the city tower and leads through the past in eight stations, interactively guided by its own app.

"Donausteig" (Danube trail)

If you like hiking, then you are in the right place in countries like Austria. Because here are some well-known hiking trails, which allow breathtaking views of nature. This includes the “Donausteig”, a trail along the Danube which was opened in the summer of 2010. With a length of 450 kilometers it runs along some important sights.

Hiking in Enns

Here you can go hiking on many more trails than just the “Donausteig”. If you are in our hotel with walking sticks, packed lunch and information provided, for example you can start through the Enns city center. Also, a visit to the three main towers in the city is offered. Otherwise, the oldest pastry shops in the city can be easily reached on foot, to be spoilt with a piece of cake in the afternoon in a cozy atmosphere.

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Cycling in Enns

If you do not want to hike, but prefer to cycle, you will find plenty of opportunities along the famous Danube cycle path. Possible is also a trip by ferry to Mauthausen, with a visit to the Apothecary Museum.

However, if you want to be surprised, then just choose a path randomly and enjoy the view of the countryside.

Motorcycling in Enns

Many motorcyclists also like to take a longer trip. Enns is the perfect destination with many idyllic routes. The view of the Alps, the surrounding forests and meadows can also be enjoyed extensively.
From the Ennstal or the “Romantic Road” it is possible to start extensive rides. If you come back in the evening tired and full of impressions, you can park your bike in the underground car park.

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